Why Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary

Tooth extraction is the process when a tooth is removed from its place in the gum and bone of your jaw. Tooth extraction is scary as compared to several procedures. It is a kind of oral surgery, which makes people more anxious. However, according to the dentist in 74014, understanding the reason behind extraction is important as it will ease your mind before the actual procedure.

Damage from Decay or Trauma

Most of the times, dentists have a conservative approach while trying to repair the damaged tooth. If the damage is big enough for filling or crowns, the dentist may remove the tooth completely. The remaining teeth can begin to shift if there is a gap, which is why dentists recommend you to get a bridge, implant, or partial denture.


Tooth extraction can also be a part of the orthodontic treatment. If you have teeth that are too big or cause overcrowding, they may be removed during an orthodontic treatment. Usually, teeth are removed symmetrically so the same 2 teeth in each jaw are removed for keeping the bite balanced. In some cases, extraction can be an alternative to more serious surgeries such as re-aligning the jaw.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of teeth that come when patients are in their late teens or early twenties. Some people don’t experience any issues with wisdom teeth while others have a tough time when they are erupting. For people with severe pain and impacted wisdom teeth, extraction remains the best options, says the dentist in Broken Arrow, OK.

Timely Development in Kids

Sometimes, tooth extraction of baby teeth is recommended if they don’t fall out in a timely manner. The baby teeth are meant to fall out at a certain age. If the dentists see that your child still has a baby tooth, which should have been fallen years ago, they will recommend extracting it. Such extraction makes sure that the child’s permanent adult teeth erupt in the right position, says the dentist near me. The decision to extract the tooth is taken, so that the adult teeth can erupt without obstruction.

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