When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary

People feel uncomfortable when they listen to the words “tooth extraction” because they do not want to lose their teeth. They worry about how they would look later and about the social acceptance for the same. Another reason that people avoid tooth extraction is because people think that this is a painfully bad idea to have their tooth extracted, but in reality, this is not the case. You can confirm this with the dentist in Broken Arrow, OK. Following you will find some of the reasons which will help you to decide when tooth extraction becomes necessary-

Wisdom teeth: Even if you are one of those people who follow the daily dental care routine and go for regular checkups, you might still end up with the problem of wisdom teeth. When you go and get a checkup, the dentist would suggest extracting those teeth. Wisdom teeth have no use at all, but it can harm your existing teeth as wisdom teeth try to make space, which leads to misalignment of existing teeth and a lot of pain. You can get a checkup from a dentist in Broken Arrow.

Severe decay: Tooth decay can be another big reason for you to get your teeth extracted. People get bacteria on their teeth and if people do not take care properly, it can also reach their gums and create an infection. If you get an infection then that would mean tooth extraction. It is advisable that you get a checkup from the dentist in 74014 before it gets too late.

Periodontal disease: People have started facing the problem of gum diseases which reduce the gum level of the teeth. Once you feel that teeth have started becoming lose then it is advisable that you remove those teeth and get the artificial ones because once the gum reduces then you cannot get them back. You may stop this periodontal disease by getting regular checkups too.

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