Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea treatment in Broken Arrow, OK

Nothing like waking up from a night’s rest still tired. That seems to be the reality for many people, even those living here in Broken Arrow, OK. From a medical standpoint, many may not think to go to the dentist to receive any kind of relief that will get them feeling more rested and all the great thing that come from a full night’s rest. Today, we’ll be discussing what sleep apnea is and how your local dentist can play a big role in getting you to feel better and living a life without sleep apnea!

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All About Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is known as a condition that keeps you from breathing throughout the night. The two kinds of sleep apnea known to general and dental professionals currently, are central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea affects the brain, in which a signal between your brain and the respiratory system is not sent properly. The lack of communication between your brain and respiratory system keep you from breathing all throughout the night.

Obstructive sleep apnea on the other hand is much more common and makes it difficult for your body to breathe while you sleep as your obstructed airways keep you from doing so. If left untreated, sleep apnea is met with constant pauses in your breathing, in some cases over 30 times in just 60 minutes.

The Consequences of Sleep Apnea

The consequences of sleep apnea are most often noted directly the next day, and over a longer period of time. When sleep apnea is left untreated, weight gain, irritability, inability to focus, and chronic fatigue are all negative symptoms of sleep apnea. Studies have even recently come out revealing that sleep apnea that goes untreated for many years can shorten the lifespan of someone suffering from this condition.

Is There Anything You Can Do?

There is a couple of things you can fix and change in order to get more rest on a regular basis that can also lessen the symptoms of sleep apnea. These different things include:

  • The use of a CPAP machine
  • The use of a mouth guard that your local dentist can customize and prescribe to you

If you have tried all of these things to no avail, then the next best thing to do is go to the dentist. If you live in the Broken Arrow, OK area or it’s surrounding communities, then you would do well to give us here at My Platinum Dental a call. We have been serving the residents of Broken Arrow, OK for many years, and we want to see our patients live an enjoyable full of health and happiness. If it is finally time to resolve your sleep apnea, give us a call as soon as possible and we would be more than happy to set you up with a consultation appointment. You can also see a dentist near you in other locations including E Kenosha St, Forrest Ridge, Tulsa, Rose District, Bentree, Broken Arrow Hills, Creek Tumpike, and Muskogee Turnpike.

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