ClearCorrect Invisible Aligners

If you are looking for a straighter and brighter smile, ClearCorrect is the answer. It is an invisible alternative to traditional braces. ClearCorrect has the power to straighten teeth effectively with a series of custom-made, removable, clear aligners. Each set moves the teeth a little at a time, correcting their alignment and transforming your smile. If you have any questions about whether or not ClearCorrect is the right choice for your teeth, you can speak with Dr. Deem, and he will provide you with answers.

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How ClearCorrect Works

The ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment goes through four phases during the course of aligner therapy. In each phase, a set of new aligners must be worn for three consecutive weeks. This allows for better flexibility and control of tooth alignment.

After each three-week period, you will notice results in your teeth as they slowly adjust and become properly aligned to give you the smile you desire. During treatment, you will need to regularly visit Dr. Deem, dentist near you, so that he can evaluate your progress and give you the next set of aligners you must wear. You will continue your visits and wearing aligners until the treatment has been completed and you get a ClearCorrect smile you love. After you have achieved your desired smile, you can view a computerized model of your smile and teeth before and after treatment.

The amount of time it takes to get your desired smile varies, but it can take anywhere from one to two years. This, however, depends on the severity of misalignment in your teeth as well as your specific dental condition. There are three different orthodontic treatment options available:

  • Limited 6: Patients with this treatment are provided 6 sets of ClearCorrect aligners.
  • Limited 12: Patients will receive 12 sets of aligners for the course of their treatment.
  • Unlimited: Patients with this option get as many aligners as they need to complete treatment for a beautiful smile.

The cost of treatment will vary depending on which option you choose. The unlimited plan has the highest costs while the limited 6 is lowest. Speak with Dr. Deem to determine which treatment option is best for you.

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