Tooth Extractions in Broken Arrow, OK

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Tooth Extractions at My Platinum Dental

Taking care of your teeth will allow you to keep them for a long time. Keeping your natural teeth is the best, but it can happen that removing one of your teeth is the only choice left for treatment.

One of the more common types of procedures dealt with at My Platinum Dental is tooth extraction. Several different reasons make your tooth requiring extraction a must: wisdom teeth needing removal due to causing pain, baby teeth being stubborn and not wanting to come out, some natural occurring defect, decay, dental damage, or teeth that need to come out so that orthodontic treatment can progress.

Our doctors at My Platinum Dental will give you the options for replacing your teeth that have been extracted and help you decide what is best for your situation. Every Broken Arrow dentist has years of experience and will be able to keep you relaxed and comfortable so you will get the best treatment.

Once the decision has been made that pulling that tooth is necessary, an appointment will be scheduled so it will be convenient for you, and you will have the home support you need afterward. Tooth extractions in Broken Arrow are performed after a complete dental checkup and with an idea to ensure an overall dental wellness.

Keeping You Comfortable

The use of anesthesia is sometimes essential to keep our patients comfortable during the extraction procedure, and that is our priority in keeping you as painless as possible during the process.

If you are to have a procedure that needs sedation, our different sedation options will be explained to you before the procedure. A dentist near you will guide you through the complete plan of tooth extraction and see how things need to be executed for you.

If you need sedation or any other anesthesia for general dentistry, remember that when you are preparing for your appointment. The numbing agents might cause it to be hard to eat for a while afterward, and with that, it can increase the risk for you to accidentally bite your tongue or cheek and not even feel it.

The Recovery

When the extraction is complete, My Platinum Dental will place clean gauze to pack the extraction site to aid in stemming any bleeding that could occur. The gauze can be changed as needed. The critical part of your process of healing will involve a blood clot forming. To make sure the blood clot stays in the extraction site and is not disturbed there are a few things you should avoid. It includes items like strenuous physical activity, drinking through a straw, or cleaning the extraction site. The clot needs to stay in the new hole that has been left where the tooth was pulled to avoid a dry socket. You need to know that with that tooth missing now, it will allow the teeth around it to start shifting and cause issues with functionality.

After the extraction, the team here at My Platinum Dental in Broken Arrow, OK can explain the best options for you about replacing the newly missed tooth and develop a plan for treatment. With My Platinum Dental’s professional help, you will be able to keep that beautiful smile! Services ae also available in other nearby locations including E Kenosha St, Forrest Ridge, Tulsa, Rose District, Bentree, Broken Arrow Hills, Creek Tumpike, and Muskogee Turnpike. Visit today!

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