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Dental Exams & Cleanings in Broken Arrow, OK

It’s not uncommon for many people to believe that their routine dental care is not as important as the routine care they perform on their automobiles. Just as your automobile owner’s manual recommends routine care and maintenance of its systems, if your body had an owner’s manual it would also recommend routine care and maintenance of its systems – including your oral health!

Scheduling an appointment with a Broken Arrow dentist near you can be a a great step towards ensuring dental wellness. Each dentist in 74014 has avid dental experience in dentistry using the latest state of art technology equipment and techniques.

What Research Tells Us

Recent research tells us that our oral health has a big impact on the health of our entire body. Because of this My Platinum Dental knows that preventative dental care through routine dental exams and professional cleanings in Broken Arrow, OK are as important to your general health as changing the oil in your automobile is to your car’s health.

The Benefits You Can Expect from Routine Dental Exams and Cleanings

When the professional and caring staff at My Platinum Dental are performing a routine dental exam or a professional tooth cleaning, we’re also on the lookout for things that could impact other parts of your health – such as a screening for oral cancer or the early detection of tooth decay and gum disease that could impact your general health.

Early Detection Not Only Has Health Benefits: It Can Be a Budget Saver Too!

You may be surprised to learn that even with brushing and flossing twice a day, gum disease has the very real possibility to develop into an infection that can enter your bloodstream and attack other parts of your body if left untreated. And that means the possibility of more medical bills down the road. Conversely, if you adhere to a regular twice a year dental exam and professional tooth cleaning at the conveniently located Broken Arrow, OK dental office of My Platinum Dental, you’ll receive the best care possible to maintain your general health through the care of your oral health!

For dental exams & cleanings in Broken Arrow it is best to get in touch with Platinum Dental considering the avid experience of the dentists and their knowledge of the latest technology equipment.

My Platinum Dental Has Convenient Appointments for Everyone

We know that you and your family are busy. That’s why we offer appointments that are convenient for almost any busy schedule. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental exam in Broken Arrow, OK or professional teeth cleaning in Broken Arrow, OK make your appointment with My Platinum Dental today!

Apart from Broken Arrow, the services of the dentist are also available in surrounding locations including E Kenosha St, Forrest Ridge, Tulsa, Rose District, Bentree, Broken Arrow Hills, Creek Tumpike, and Muskogee Turnpike. Visit today!

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