Reasons Why Patients Find Dental Bridges Suitable Than Other Options

If you have one or more missing teeth, you need to replace them as early as possible as they can lead to a host of health issues such as tooth decay, impaired speech, and periodontal disease. A dental bridge is one of the restorative options apart from dentures and implants. It offers the support you need to prevent the surrounding teeth from loosening or moving out of their correct positions.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

According to the dentist in Broken Arrow, a dental bridge is a fixed appliance that is placed in the mouth for filling the gap that has been created by the missing teeth. The bridge is cemented to the abutment teeth on either side of the gap. It provides an anchor so that it can be attached to either side of your natural teeth or the crowns fitted over them. The dentist places an artificial tooth known as ‘pontic’ onto the bridge and in the space between the abutment teeth.

How Are Dental Bridges Different Than Implants?

The implants are made of the screws and cylinders, which are inserted surgically into the jawbone through your gums. The prosthetic teeth are placed on these implant posts. They replace the natural tooth and prevent the issues associated with dental gaps. Implants are not an easy procedure and require professional training for the surgery, says dentist in Broken Arrow, OK. If your teeth are in good condition, you need not worry about placing crowns and fitting bridges on them.

Reasons You May Need a Tooth Bridge

The gap caused between your teeth due to tooth loss can create a problem as the teeth can begin to loosen and shift from their correct position. The loose teeth may further complicate the eruption of permanent teeth and make them erupt in the wrong way. Also, the gaps and movement in the teeth can affect your bite and create issues for your jaw impacting your ability to chew or speak.

The dental bridges usually consist of three pieces- an artificial tooth along with two crowns placed on the rather sides. Today, we can witness advancement in dentistry, which can help in creating durable bridges that can brilliantly blend with your smile and offer you a natural appearance. If you follow proper dental hygiene, the bridge can even last for 10 years or more.

Reasons for Getting Dental Bridges:

  • Non-Invasive

One of the main reasons why people choose to get dental bridges is that the procedure for getting them is not invasive. Unlike implants, where you need to get an incision in the gums and implant inserted in your in the jawbone, the bridges need no incisions. It’s a better option for people who are afraid of surgical procedures.

  • Quick

Yet another benefit of dental bridges is that it’s very quick in offering a replacement for your missing tooth/ teeth. If you plan to get implants, you first need to get the implants inserted in the jawbone and wait for them to heal for at least 6 months. The duration can increase if you need bone grafting in case you don’t have enough jaw bone for supporting the implants. However, in the case of dental bridges, you only need 2-3 visits for getting through the procedure.


  • Restores Your Smile

It can be a struggle to live with a missing tooth. It is not only difficult to chew and eat, but also to smile. Missing teeth can make you conscious and hence it is better to get the bridges, says the dentist in 74014. The bridge will complete your smile and restore your confidence.

  • Cost-Effective

As compared to implants, bridges can be a cost-effective option. Implants are an expensive affair as the price consists of the implants post, fake tooth, and the surgery, but bridges are affordable as compared to the implants. This can be a significant reason for a considerable amount of people to choose bridges over implants, says dentist near me.

For people with partial dentures, dental bridges can be a good option as unlike dentures, the bridges offer some stability and don’t move from their place. Every tooth replacement option has its benefits and you can choose as per your preferences.

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