How Are Fastbraces Better than Traditional Braces

Misaligned bite and crooked teeth not only impact your appearance but can also lead to several health issues. It is important to get your crooked teeth straight for various esthetic as well as oral health reasons. If you are looking for getting straight teeth, you must visit the orthodontist for Fastbraces in Broken Arrow. Fastbraces are the newer and improved alternative to the traditional braces. Not every dentist may be offering Fastbraces for orthodontic treatment so you need to first explore the options and then go ahead.

What Makes Fastbraces Different Than Traditional Braces?

Fastbraces are a modern alternative to the traditional braces which offer results for some patients in as little as six months. They take a significantly shorter period of time for straightening teeth which is usually 3 months to 1 year. Fastbraces are less expensive than traditional orthodontic treatment because of the shortened treatment time. Yet another benefit of Fastbraces is that they move the roots and crowns of the teeth at the same time.

Who Can Use Fastbraces?

The Fastbraces can be used by anyone, teen or adults alike. A certified and experienced dentist can help in determining if you are a good candidate for Fastbraces.

Let’s Explore Some Reasons Why You Must Choose Fastbraces:

  • Good Options For People With Malocclusion

According to the dentist in Broken Arrow, Fastbraces are a good option for people with crooked teeth. Many people shy away from getting braces as they perceive orthodontic treatments to be the ones with longer duration. Fastbraces have become that alternative which allows correcting the malocclusion without struggling with traditional braces for years. The Fastbraces work just like your traditional braces but the difference is that they do it much quicker. Though it has become more popular in recent years, Fastbraces have been in the market for around 20 years. It has been used by over 30 countries across the globe. While braces take years to make the difference, Fastbraces can do the job in a shorter period. Fastbraces are the best option for professionals!

  • Technology

The improved technology allows having straight teeth without having to wear metal braces for years in your mouth. With traditional braces, the brackets are square and the teeth move in multiple stages. Thus, the treatment used to take years. In Fastbraces, there are triangular brackets and the space between each bracket is lesser allowing the teeth to come together faster.

All the stages of treatment are completed at one time. Another difference in technology is the wires. In Fastbraces, square wires are used which allows more flexibility. The flexibility of wires moves teeth more fluid and there is no need for adjusting the wires like traditional braces.

  • Comfort

The dentist in 74014 says that Fastbraces are more comfortable. Though the process is done quickly, it is not uncomfortable. The flexible wires make the treatment comfortable. Many patients feel surprised by the level of comfort they experience during the procedure as they assume a higher level of discomfort with traditional braces. Fastbraces were made to make the discomfort go away.

  • Duration

As discussed earlier, Fastbraces take only a few months for straightening your teeth as compared to the traditional braces which takes eighteen to twenty-four months for the treatment to go through. This also makes the treatment less expensive as compared to the traditional one.

It is to be known that Fastbraces have beautifully merged art with science. They offer unparalleled technology and quality with their patented triangular brackets. They have emerged as the easiest and quickest way of straightening teeth for adults and teenagers. Youth and corporate professionals don’t wish to invest years in orthodontic treatment and Fastbraces are a friendly option for them.

The traditional metal braces used to be abrasive on gums and soft tissues. Also, people could not maintain dental hygiene for almost two to two and a half years which is not the case with Fastbraces.

If you are convinced with the many benefits of Fastbraces, it is time for you to leave your apprehensions aside and schedule an appointment with a dentist near you for more consultation on Fastbraces and whether they are suitable for you or not.

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