Have You Heard Of Fastbraces

Misaligned teeth are a serious dental issue which can affect people’s life. This is why people with alignment issues look for ways to straighten their teeth and look good and confident. People with flawed misaligned and crooked teeth suffer from low self-esteem and they are not as confident as people with straight smile.


The dentist in Broken Arrow says that misalignment is the reason why braces were invented. Misalignment is when your teeth are arranged abnormally as compared to the standard way. Here’s a look at some of the misalignment problems:

  • Overbite is an issue where the incisor teeth bite behind the upper incisors into the gum tissue or close to it leading to bone damage and discomfort.
  • Underbite is when the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw forcing the lower incisor teeth to protrude forward.
  • Overcrowding is when the teeth overlap each other because of lack of space. It can result in large teeth or narrow dental arch.
  • Spacing is a result of small teeth or excess broad dental arch.
  • Impacted tooth doesn’t grow in line with other teeth but it can be corrected by removing it or exposing it before the brace is put in place.
  • The dentist near me says that missing tooth creates space as other remaining teeth grow to fill in the gap from an extracted tooth.

What is FastBraces?

The dentist in Broken Arrow, explains that fast braces were developed for those who would wish to restore their smile by aligning their teeth fast and effectively. It uses wires and brackets which are exceptionally shaped and works within just 120 days.

Benefits of Fast Braces

  • It is easier to install than traditional braces.
  • The dentist near 74014 explains that it takes lesser duration to align the teeth.
  • It is more comfortable, unlike the traditional braces which were quite bulky.
  • It doesn’t need extraction when installing the aligner.
  • Teeth cleaning is better as compared to the traditional braces.
  • It is more affordable than the other braces in the market and helps in saving money while in treatment.

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