7 Facts About Orthodontics

Whether you call it braces, orthodontics or simply straightening your teeth, the orthodontics is the very first recognized specialty within the dental profession. Here’s a look at the 7 facts about orthodontics:

  • The Word ‘Orthodontics’ is of Greek origin.

According to the dentist in Broken Arrow, ‘Ortho’ means straight or correct and ‘Dont’ means tooth. When you put them together ‘orthodontics’ means straight teeth.

  • People Have Had Crooked teeth for Eons.

Crooked teeth have been there for ages, says the dentist in Broken Arrow, OK. Archeologists have found Egyptian mummies with crude metal bands wrapped around the teeth. Around 2100 years later, the French dentist named Pierre Fauchard wrote about an orthodontic appliance in 1728 in his book on dentistry- The Surgeon Dentist: A Treatise on the Teeth.

  • Orthodontics Became the First Dental Specialty in 1900.

The specialty was founded by Edward H. Angle. He was the first orthodontist, the first member of dental profession to limit his practice to orthodontics only i.e. moving teeth and aligning jaws.

  • Gold Was the Metal of Choice for Braces Circa 1900.

Gold is malleable, so it was easy to shape it into an orthodontic appliance. It stretches easily due to its malleability. As a result, the patients had to see their orthodontist frequently for adjustments which kept the treatment on track, says dentist near 74014.

  • Teeth Move in Response to pressure Over Time.

While some pressure is beneficial, some can be harmful such as pressure by thumb-sucking. Orthodontist uses appliances like braces and aligners for applying a constant, gentle pressure on teeth to shift them to the ideal position.

  • Teeth Can Move Because Bone Breaks Down and Rebuilds.

Cells known as Osteoclasts break down the bone and osteoblast cells rebuild the bone. The process is known as ‘bone remodelling’. A balanced diet helps in supporting bone remodelling.

  • Orthodontic Treatment is a Professional Service.

According to the dentist near Forrest Ridge, the dental appliance used for moving the teeth is just like a tool in the hands of an expert. Each tool has its use but not every tool is right for every job.

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